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About Us

Nahda Makers is a national, humanitarian, development, non-governmental organization licensed under No. (284) from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. It was launched on 12/12/2012.

We at Nahda Makers start from our deep belief in society’s intrinsic potential and the energies of its individuals, especially young people, and their ability to bring about real and sustainable change if they are invested effectively.

We are working to transform this belief into actual procedural steps through our work in development and humanitarian response in partnership with international, regional and national organizations, the governmental and private sectors, experts and voluntary youth components.

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Latest News

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Success Stories

Abeer and her remarkable journey of continuous development

Abeer Yislam Salim Faraj is a driven and accomplished individual in the accounting field, currently working in the finance department of Dar Saad district, specifically in the accounts payable and receivable section. Her success story serves as an inspiration to colleagues within the finance de...

Education Support for IDPs project | Success Story "Samaher" NMO

;Watch| how the situation of the child "Samaher" changed after the intervention carried out by the Education Support for IDPs project in Hodeidah with the support of #YHF after rehabilitating her school and establishing temporary classrooms, which focused mainly on targeting displaced children...

success story| Integrated WASH and Food Security Response Project.

;Watch what Yasser Ali / beneficiary of the "Integrated WASH and Food Security Response Project" project in Khanfar "Abyan" saidHow was his severe suffering in fetching water daily, and how his life has changed now after the intervention of the #Nahda_Makers organization with the support of #YH...

New Hope

Yemen's education system has been overshadowed by the conflict and its subsequent crises, which have resulted in a lack of teacher salaries and students' denial of schooling. The conflict has also forced thousands of teachers to leave their schools and students to work in other occupations to s...

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