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The beginning : Nahda Makers is a national, youth and humanitarian non-governmental organization has a licensed number (284) from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, launched in 12.12.2012

We in Nahda Makers work from our deep belief of the potential of community and self-energies of its members, especially the young people and their ability to bring about real change and sustainable solutions if they

has been invested effectively We are working to turn this belief into actual procedural steps through our work in empowerment and humanitarian response in partnership with international, regional and national organizations, government and private sector, experts and youth Initiatives.

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Within the project to support the education system, children and teachers in the districts of Mansoura and Al-hadd "Aden and Lahj" with the support of #YHF

#NMO_ORG distributed sch...

Within the activities of the “Access to Education for displaced and host community children” project funded by #ECW and in partnership with #NRC , #NMO_ORG imp...

Within the education and child protection sector, and with the support of #YHF , #Nahda_Makers Organization continues to implement project activities (Support the educatio...

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