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Abeer and her remarkable journey of continuous development

Abeer Yislam Salim Faraj is a driven and accomplished individual in the accounting field, currently working in the finance department of Dar Saad district, specifically in the accounts payable and receivable section. Her success story serves as an inspiration to colleagues within the finance department and beyond.

Abeer's journey began when she actively participated in multiple training courses organized by DCTs. These courses provided her with the opportunity to connect with renowned experts and trainers in their respective fields. Each course proved to be successful and impactful, equipping Abeer with project management skills and problem-solving techniques. Through her involvement in previous courses and her work on development plans and projects, she had the chance to visit various facilities related to electricity, water, and agriculture. Abeer also engaged in discussions with executive managers within the district to understand the challenges faced by different sectors and the necessary projects required for each sector. She gathered valuable information and worked diligently on these projects, presenting them effectively.

One particular tendering course that Abeer undertook in relation to her finance work proved to be transformative. This course enabled her to acquire new skills and knowledge, boosting her self-confidence and expanding her mental capacity. After discussing the course and her comprehension of it with her manager, Abeer offered to share her knowledge with colleagues in the department. She also expressed her willingness to be transferred to the budget and tendering department within the finance division.

Abeer successfully applied the knowledge and skills she gained from the training courses to her daily work, contributing to the development of the finance department. Her newfound abilities elevated the department's performance and enhanced their capabilities in handling projects and tenders. Abeer made a significant impact on the finance department and became a role model for others in the accounting field.

Abeer's story serves as a motivating example for all individuals, emphasizing the importance of continuous training and development and the effective application of acquired skills and knowledge within the project to enhance institutional and economic resilience in Yemen - #SIERY, implemented by #UNDP, supported by the #European_Union and through #Nahda_Makers Organization.

This story offers valuable lessons that can benefit accountants, managers, and anyone working in finance.

In conclusion, we express our gratitude to Abeer for her dedication, effort, and success in the accounting field. We also extend our appreciation to DCTs for providing training and development opportunities for employees within the finance department. We encourage everyone to draw inspiration from Abeer's story and motivate themselves to work hard and enhance their skills and knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. By doing so, they can aspire to become role models like Abeer in their professional and personal lives.

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