Safe Learning Environment

الوقت 2023-09-13
Safe Learning Environment
Nahda Makers

“Our school was destroyed and there were no bathrooms. No fans, no windows and no doors! We felt unsecure to study under the walls that might one day fall on us” Hana’a expressed her feelings. A student in Abu Dugana school in Mawza' district. Hana now studying in the third grade. Within the “Access to Education for displaced and host community children” project funded by  #ECW  and in partnership with #NRC , and implemented by #NMO_ORG , the school again opened its doors to hundreds of students to return back to school and
receive a good quality of education in a safe environment to achieve their dreams for a better future.

“we studied under the trees in a hot, sunny weather with no chairs or boards, and 
if I need bathroom, I had to stop studying and go to home. We also, did not have 
school bags”. Hana’a added bitterly. Through the education support, NMO 
rehabilitated the old classrooms and latrines in Abu Dughana school. Besides a solar power system installed.

Hana is a diligent student who loves studying but the high living cost conditions affected her life as a child who have rights to enjoy the safe learning environment. She added sadly “I love studying but our life condition is hard. I help my mother at home and in the farm. My father is a daily wage 
worker”. She sighs “Our school was destroyed as a result of war, and the education in the school is stopped”.

A beautiful smile with glowing eyes pictured in Hana’s face when she was expressing her feelings “Now I do not need to stop the class and go home when I need to use the bathroom because our school has cleaned bathrooms. Thank you for fixing the school and building new classrooms, especially my class. We feel comfortable that there are chairs, fans and white board. We are studying much better than under the trees. Now I and my friends can write easily on the desks and reads from the white board. Also, I am happy because NMO brought us the  school bag with pencils, colors, and notebooks.”

As Education is an essential right to children, and their safe environment which will open window to their future. Hana’a and her friends can easily access to cleaned latrines with protecting their dignity without skipping any classes now. All the students in the school received notebooks, pencils, 
pens, bags and colors. The smiles which drawn in their faces shows that they feel safe and secure.



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