#NMO-ORG is implementing “Emergency Response to Conflict project affected IDPs” in Mudiyah

الوقت 2023-05-31
#NMO-ORG is implementing “Emergency Response to Conflict project affected IDPs” in Mudiyah
Nahda Makers

Within WASH/Health sector, #Nahda_Makers Organization has implemented “Emergency Response to Conflict project affected IDPs” in Mudiya district, funded by the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations and in partnership with International Rescue Committee.

This project, which targeted the sites of the displaced in that district, targeted 1,173 individuals through the implementation of many activities, the most important of which are:

  1. Providing and installing water distribution points in the targeted IDPs.
  2. Providing and installing the Emergency Temporary Latrines in the targeted IDPs.
  3. Testing the water source which will be used for Water Trucking.
  4. Providing safe, pure, chlorine water to the targeted distribution points in the IDPs sites.
  5. Distributing Basic hygiene kites and core Non-Food Items to the targeted Household.
  6. Conducting Hygiene Promotion activities for the IDPs households in the targeted IDPs.

All of this aims to improve water, sanitation and hygiene conditions and provide non-food items to conflict-affected IDPs in Mudiya district - Abyan governorate.


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