#NMO_ORG distributes fuel-efficient cooking solutions

الوقت 2022-09-15
#NMO_ORG distributes fuel-efficient cooking solutions
Nahda Makers

Within the Increasing Resilience through Innovative and Sustainable Improvement of Food Security and Livelihoods project for Returnees, IDPs, Migrants and Host Communities in the Western Coastal areas of Yemen, #Nahda_Makers distributed fuel-efficient cooking solutions with support of #DKH

This project, which targets “Mokha” district in “Taiz” and the districts of Al-Khoukha and Al-Tahita in “Al-Hodeidah”, works to improve adaptation through sustainable and innovative solutions in the field of food security and livelihoods and seeks to address part of the challenges facing the western coastal region on the Red Sea, which includes communities traditional fishermen by offering fuel-efficient cooking solutions.

Recently, the project worked on distributing the fuel-efficient cooking solutions (solar stoves, fuel-efficient stoves, and heat retention bags) as part of a pilot phase and testing for 100 solar cooker, 70 individual dryer households (incl. Pre-distribution testing).

The distribution was made to the participants in the targeted areas of all isolation in Mokha and Al Khawkha, and they were selected within the pilot phase of the project, in coordination and nomination with the community committees for the use of solar cookers and dryers.

All of this aims to increase resilience through innovative and sustainable improvement of food security and livelihoods, and to know the extent of the performance experience of those solar cookers and dryers in various designs and models, and to know the extent of adaptation to them.


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