Stability Replacing Displacement

الوقت 2019-02-05
Stability Replacing Displacement
Nahda Makers

Mathad village that located at the district of Al-Azraq, Al Dale’e governorate is the most affected by water shortages due to the lack of sustainable water resources. Many factors contribute to this problem; one of the main factors is that a vast swath of land is mountainous. Seasonal rainfall is short and scarce and there are no groundwater reservoirs .Therefore, Access to safe drinking water, particularly in Al Dale'e goverborate considering as one of the main issue. The water crises is not unique to most rural and mountainous districts in the governorate. Mathad is one of the villages that located at Al Azarik district. The region is characterized by its rugged mountainous terrain, which makes fetching water a challenging task in which people walk long distances back and forth carrying heavy plastic jerrycans. Most people living in remote villages and isolated settlements have to walk several hours to reach the nearest springs, making it very difficult to provide them with sufficient and safe water. Many of these families live in poverty and have very low living standards.
Farmer Mohammed Ali, 50, a resident of the village of Mathad. Mohammed and his wife Janah (age 45) relie on agriculture as a sole source of income to support their family of nine persons.
Nahda Makers team sat down with Mohammed - one of the people who has been living in the village his whole life. Mohammed starts saying " finally the dream become true and stability replacing migration and displacement for my family “. Mohammed explains, “The water scarcity in my village has forced us many times to think of taking our livestock and migrating to a nearby district. Women and children used to walk miles fetching water, before when there was no the constructed water distribution point available in the village, we used to travel several kilometres looking for water in wells. It was very tiring, especially for women and our children, because we put in so much time to get the water we needed". Mohammed adds, “Since there is no water tanks in the village , women and children responsible for bringing water to homes ,all women slept very little in order to be able to get water for their families on a daily basis and children forced to left the school and started moving water to the houses". Mohammed explains further, by saying, “Nahda Makers organization intervened in the area by rehabilitating water sources and network systems and this implementation will bring stability to the area, helping people not to migrate to other areas.
Mohammed said that protected well and the water tank will provide clean water and will reduce hardship for both women and children”. “I am happy, the water distribution point is near to my home, My children in school .... Instead of working in water transfer and women can do many other things that will help the home because they spend less time collecting water” he concluded.

Nahda Makers Organization (NMO) as part of integrated WASH and Food Security Support to the most vulnerable host communities in Al Azarik district, Al Dale’e governorate with funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) intervened to rehabilitate the water sources in order to restore community water sources. NMO rehabilitated the water tank and installed a water network system to all the village areas, water stand taps are installed near homes. Within the scope of the project, a workshop was conducted water community committees and all members being trained on how to manage, operate and maintain their water supply scheme. A total number of 3300 are now benefiting from the project.


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