Nahda Makers Rehabilitate the Water Scheme in Al-Maqatera

الوقت 2018-08-30
Nahda Makers Rehabilitate the Water Scheme in Al-Maqatera
Nahda Makers

Access to water is one of the biggest challenges facing the community in the District of Al-Maqatera. The region is characterized by its rugged mountainous terrain, which makes fetching water a challenging task in which people walk long distances back and forth carrying heavy plastic jerrycans. Abdel Qader Ahmed Saif, 45, a resident of Najd Al-Barad, said: "The water has always been a source of suffering, for women and children had to walk long distances in order to fetch water because the water scheme was out of service.” There were many negative consequences for this situation. For example, children could not go to school because they were occupied with fetching the water; this thing was detrimental to their future and the future of their families. "My children could not go to school, because they were busy fetching water all day." Abdul Qader added.

In 2017, as part of the Integrated WASH Response in High Food Insecurity and Malnutrition District in Lahj, Nahda Makers Organization with funding from UNOCHA intervened to rehabilitate two water sources and systems in Lahj governorate in order to restore community water sources. NMO replaced the old submersible pumps and rehabilitated the diesel generators and all needed accessories to restore the network; moreover, NMO established community water committees and trained their members to manage, operate, and maintain their water supply scheme. After the rehabilitation, 13123 people are now benefitting from the projects. "Now the water has returned to our houses and we can now move on with our lives," concluded Abdel Qader.


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