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#Nahda_Makers Organization is implementing Integrated Protection, livelihood and WASH Intervention project

Within the sectors of protection, livelihoods, water, environmental sanitation and health , and with the support of #YHF, the #NMO is currently implementing the Integrated Protection, livelihood and WASH Intervention project in Taiz, Maqbanah District.

This project, which targets 1,061 families from residents of the targeted villages, aims to provide the target community with integrated, multi-sectoral assistance to increase their resilience and improve protection and livelihoods through sustainable assistance.

So far, the project has implemented several activities that will achieve this, as follows:

1- Water quality control
This is to ensure safe drinking water reaches the targeted beneficiaries.

2- Rehabilitation and protection of water supply sources
This is done by improving access to drinking water, which includes constructing and rehabilitating well chambers, rehabilitating and protecting wells, rehabilitating concrete tanks, rehabilitating the two pumping water and liquefaction networks, establishing water distribution points, and implementing solar energy systems and a submersible pump in the well and its accessories. 

3- Establishing and training a water supply management committee
This is to ensure community participation and sustainability of the project through the formation and training of community water committees in coordination with the local authority.

4- Establish and train hygiene promotion teams.
In order to promote hygiene and raise awareness in the targeted villages.

5- Hygiene promotion activities

By conducting training courses in the field of promoting community hygiene

6- Cash for work

This is done through the cash-for-work mechanism, which lasts for five rounds.

7- Vocational training
This is according to the needs of the market to create available job opportunities through training in several different aspects, including (Sewing and embroidery course, making incense and perfumes course, Beekeeping and honey production course, electrical wiring course, electricity, wiring, and installation of solar systems, beauty course, beauty, hairdressing and hairdressing course), which will work to enhance opportunities and work and improve the capabilities of beneficiaries to achieve financial independence.

8- Life skills training
Which aims to provide beneficiaries with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop their personal and professional capabilities and enhance the spirit of leadership and innovation in their lives and future fields of work.

9- Protection training

This is through psychological support for those affected by displacement or those affected by conflict, so that awareness sessions are conducted at each session for the purpose of recovery.

10- Spreading awareness of protection
This is done by raising awareness about the community.


It is noteworthy that the organization is continuing to implement the project with its various activities within the sectors of protection, livelihoods, water, environmental sanitation and health

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