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#NMO_ORG launches the Multi-Year livelihood project in Hadramaut

In partnership with #WFP, funded by #BMZ in partnership with #NMO with the contribution of local communities, Multi- Year Livelihood Project was launched in Hadramaut Governorate.

This project, which was launched, will target 1,290 families of farmers and workers related to agriculture and other professions in the targeted areas in two phases, as it will be implemented in the districts (Sayun - Shibam - Al-Qatn - Houra Wadi Al-Ain).

in its first phase, the project will target beneficiaries within the framework of the global food aid program, especially farmers and workers related to agriculture and other professions in the targeted areas through:

  •         Paving and rehabilitating the stream canals inside the cities.
  •         Reclamation of agricultural lands including removing rocks and debris in addition to surfacing and providing the necessary tools and equipment's for cultivating their lands.
  •        Provision of agricultural machinery.
  •         Providing one greenhouse for each district to produce seeds and save the cost of purchasing from the market. NMO will conduct an orientation to build the farmers capacity on modern technologies and scientific methods in farming as well as the livestock.
  •         Provide safety Equipment.
  •         Provide CASH transfers for FFA participants.

In its second phase, it will also work to enhance professional skills and enhance income through vocational training programs and providing cash transfers to participants

All of this aims to strengthen resilient communities in Al-Qatun, Sayun, Shibam, and Wadi Al-Ain, empower youth and females, enhance climate adaptation, and enable families to graduate from humanitarian aid to self-sufficiency by improving the standard of living of families in the targeted villages and raising the capabilities of youth through experience gained in food-for-assets or food-for-training programmes.



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