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#NMO_ORG implements “Humanitarian Response to Cyclone Tej” project

As part of its humanitarian response plan, #Nahda_Makers Organization is currently implementing the “Humanitarian Response to Cyclone Tej” project in #Al-Mahra, funded by #Cordaid

This project, which is being implemented, came to help the most vulnerable families in that region and save them from the damage resulting from Cyclone Tej, which caused great damage and losses and a difficult living situation for vulnerable families who suffered, as 621 families, 5,623 individuals, are being targeted in that region.

This project is implementing the activity of distributing cash transfers (multi-purpose cash assistance) to these families, which will help the beneficiaries and alleviate the suffering caused by that hurricane in Al-Mahra.

This project is part of one of the projects implemented by the organization in the food security and livelihoods sector.


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