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#NMO_ORG implements the data and information management training workshop

Within the project “Strengthening Institutional and Economic Resilience in Yemen (SIERY)”, the United Nations Development Program #UNDP , in cooperation with #NMO_ORG , with funding from the #European_Union , and in coordination with Ministry of Local Administration, implemented the workshop “Data & Information Management” training.

This workshop, which was held in 22 districts within 5 governorates, “Taiz, Hadramaut, Lahj, and Ma’rib,” in which 30 participated from DFTs & DCTs, governorate office, and directorate office, discussed the concept of data and information management, identified the most important aspects and analyzed the information life cycle and its institutional impact at various stages, and understood the importance of Information management in enhancing institutional capacity.

This training aimed to enhance the capabilities of participants in data and information management in local authorities, provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary to deal with the challenges and requirements, and enhance a deep understanding of the importance of data and information in making strategic decisions and achieving sustainable development.

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