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#NMO_ORG implements “Qurbani Programme 2023 – 1444 H”

Within the sector of food security and livelihoods and within our seasonal projects during the blessed Eid Al-Adha, #Nahda_Makers Organization implemented “Qurbani Programme 2023 – 1444 H” in #Aden, with funding from #Muslim_aid.

This project, which the organization implements every year, works on distributing the Eid sacrifice to the targeted families.

This year, 2,220 families with special needs, the poorest, vulnerable families, and those with limited income were targeted in #Aden.

The organization worked on distributing sacrificial meat after examining it and ensuring its safety by a specialized veterinarian.

This distribution comes in cooperation with some associations and institutions that have greatly contributed to reaching the beneficiaries.

Where the project aims to enhance the spirit of social solidarity, which also aims to alleviate the suffering of families who are unable to buy the sacrifice due to the difficult living conditions they suffer from.

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