#NMO_ORG implements Shelter, CCCM and QIPs project

الوقت 2023-08-08
 #NMO_ORG implements Shelter, CCCM and QIPs project
Nahda Makers

Within the Shelter/  CCCM sector, #Nahda_Makers Organization is currently implementing Shelter, CCCM and QIPs project, funded by #UNHCR

This project, which is being implemented in Taiz Governorate, "Salah" district, works mainly to rehabilitate houses damaged by the conflict. It targets the returning residents whose homes were damaged by the conflict, and because of it, they are living in unlivable conditions as a result of the destruction of their homes.

Where the project works to target 870 houses that were damaged as a result of the conflict and no longer have the basic necessities of life, in order to provide safe and appropriate living environments for those IDPs and returnees in order to improve services, and ensure better access to them, as the organization works to direct beneficiaries through engineers and their supervisors to restore their homes and work on reconstruction and rehabilitation.

This project is considered one of the prominent sustainable projects implemented by the organization as a continuation of the recovery and empowerment plan.


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