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#NMO_ORG implements the distribution of many bags types


#NMO_ORG implemented the distribution of teachers’ bags, first aid kits and recreational bags in the Mawz district in Taiz governorate, and Hays district in  Al-Hudaydah governorate schools, which are: 

  • Omar bin Abdul Aziz School
  • Abu Dujana School
  • Abu Al-Qassem School 

The distributions aimed to provide schools, teachers and students with all the requirements that contribute and enhance the provision of a distinct and supportive educational environment for children's psyche, in addition to the ongoing rehabilitation.

Additionally, The Education Officer, Mr. Hamdi Shoukra, confirmed that various types of bags will be provided at the National Dialogue School in the Hays area, which is also one of the targeted schools, within the project to access education for displaced and the host community children, funded by #ECW and in partnership with #NRC.

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