Bring life back to farmers

الوقت 2023-04-13
Bring life back to farmers
Nahda Makers

Yemen's economy is in a position of acute instability following seven years of conflict and the economic impact of COVID-19. Extreme weather occurrences, particularly floods, have wreaked havoc on Hadramawt Governate, destroying crops and threatening food security. Given Yemen's reliance on imports, the gradual devaluation of the Yemeni riyal (YER) has undermined household buying power and harmed food security.

The NMO team did a field visit to Seiyun Governorate, where they met the beneficiary Awad, Awad, a married man who works in agriculture. Agriculture is the only source of income for Awad's family of eight (4 males and 3 females).

Awad discusses his pre-intervention situation:

I was suffering a lot because of the high prices of gasoline and also seeds; we as farmers rely mostly on them, and if I can borrow a little money to purchase fuel, most of the day is wasted in queues, and occasionally we can plant, and while harvesting, we do not have the ability to preserve the produce for a length of time. Said sadly As a result, the major traders manipulate prices, causing us to sell without interest. We suffered a lot as a result of these issues I don't recall buying seeds with the money I earn Awad added"I borrowed a lot of money to buy seeds and supplies for sowing. "I was losing a lot of livestock because of the diseases that afflicted them and my lack of information about the sorts of diseases and how to deal with them," he continued.

Awad continued his speech, describing the Nahda Makers as wonderful

 Nahda Makers Organization provided us with the appropriate training and provided us with seeds and money that helped us a lot, as I stopped borrowing Awad continued. I don’t lose my sheep because of the courses related to diseases and symptoms associated with these diseases that affect livestock and the way to deal with these diseases Which were provided by the Nahda Makers Organization, not only did the Nahda Makers Organization provide us with the necessary vaccinations for these diseases. Awad smiled and said, I am now able to provide daily sustenance and also the lack of sheep due to deaths helped me to gain more income. Thank you, Nahda Makers Organization, for what it has been given to us. We needed it most.


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