#NMO_ORG begins implementing a project Support the education system, children, and teachers

الوقت 2023-01-08
#NMO_ORG begins implementing a project Support the education system, children, and teachers
Nahda Makers

Within the education and child protection sector, and with the support of #YHF, #Nahda_Makers Organization has started implementing the project “Support the education system, children and teachers in Almansoura district - Aden governorate and Al Had district - Lahj governorate (Priority2)”, through the common meeting to introduce the project to the community and the local authority in Aden and Al-Had. 

This project, which targets children and teachers in the targeted schools with a total of 2361 students and 89 teachers, will implement many activities aimed at achieving a safe and comprehensive learning environment that enhances well-being and resilience during the project period, the most important of which are: 

  1. Establish, expand and rehabilitate new classrooms (temporary or permanent), including gender-sensitive and disability-sensitive WASH facilities and school furniture.
  2. Provision teachers/educators with teaching materials
  3. Incentives for teachers/ volunteers conducting educational activities
  4. Provision of hygiene kits and cleaning materials to students and schools/ learning spaces
  5. Conduct hygiene awareness sessions and campaigns
  6. Activating and training Schools FMC councils
  7. Distribution Recreational Kits
  8. Distribution Hygiene Kits
  9. Distribution school Kits
  10. Distribution first aid Kiks
  11. Distribution of student's kits
  12. Conduct the PSS training
  13. Training sessions for community volunteers, supervisors, mobilizers on hygiene messages. 

All of this will work to enhance and facilitate the educational process in the targeted schools in those areas for children and teachers.

In fact the organization continues its projects related to the education and child protection sector, as part of its permanent plan for empowerment and humanitarian response.



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