#NMO_ORG implements “Qurbani Program 2022”

الوقت 2022-07-18
#NMO_ORG implements “Qurbani Program 2022”
Nahda Makers

Within the Food Security and Livelihoods Sector, and with funding from #Muslim_Aid, #NMO_ORG implemented its annual project "Qurbani Programme 2022”. 

This project, which the organization implements every year, works on distributing Qurbani on the blessed Eid al-Adha in order to bring pleasure to the beneficiaries who live in difficult living conditions. 

And this year, qurbani meat was distributed to 1,780 families in Aden, where families with special needs and the most vulnerable were targeted, after all the sacrificial animals were checked by the specialized veterinarian. 

This distribution comes in cooperation with some associations and foundation that have contributed greatly to reaching the beneficiaries. 

This distribution aims to promote compassion and social solidarity, which contributes to alleviating the suffering of families and people who are unable to purchase the sacrifice due to the high prices and the difficult living conditions in which they live.


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