#NMO_ORG Distributes Non-Food Items (NFIs) in Various Regions

الوقت 2022-05-10
#NMO_ORG Distributes Non-Food Items  (NFIs) in Various Regions
Nahda Makers

Within Shelter & Non-Food Items and CCCM Project, funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre and with support of #UNHCR, #NMO_ORG distributed NFIs (Non Food Items) in Abyan, Lahj, Hudaydah, and Taiz.

This project, which works on distributing non-food and shelter materials, targets the IDPs who have been displaced from their areas due to the conflict, the most vulnerable cases of the host community, and those whose living conditions have become difficult.

Where it was recently distributed to a total of 1280 families in order to relieve the burden on the displaced and the host community in those areas by providing the most important and basic relief materials to preserve their dignity.

These distributions are a continuation of the humanitarian response plan implemented by the organization and as a result of the efforts made in the humanitarian field.


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