#NMO_ORG implements a training session for teachers in crisis contents

الوقت 2022-04-12
#NMO_ORG implements a training session for teachers in crisis contents
Nahda Makers

Within the project “Education Support for IDPs”, and funded by #YHF , #NMO_ORG , implemented a training session for teachers in crisis contents for basic education teachers in emergency situations.

This training, which was held in Al-Musaimir “Lahj” and “Al-Khokha” Al-Hodeidah, targeted 201 teachers, in which 77 teachers in Al-Musaimir and 124 teachers in Al-Khoukha were trained.

They have been trained in the following:

  • Child protection and safety.
  • Classroom management skills.
  • Basic ways to prevent misbehavior.
  • Teaching strategies.
  • Ladder ask questions.
  • Dealing with students' answers.
  • Preparing lesson plans and objectives.

All this comes in coordination with the education offices in the two governorates.

This project, which is currently being implemented, is based on the implementation of many other activities that will improve the capacity and quality of schools in the those areas to contain the increasing rates of displacement, the most important of which is the rehabilitation of targeted schools in those areas, including health facilities, and the distribution of a double school desks, conducting the necessary trainings for teachers and volunteers, providing incentives for them, as well as providing specialized programs that focus on children in severely affected areas and implementing return-to-school campaigns, which will help to keep schools near the sites of IDPs able to work and will enhancing the displaced families living in emergency sites transit, hosting and access to educational services.


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