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#NMO_ORG implements a training on Fuel-efficient cooking solution and Food dryers before conducting the awareness sessions

With support of #DKH and within the project of "Increasing Resilience through Innovative and Sustainable Improvement of Food Security and Livelihoods for Returnees, IDPs, Migrants and Host Communities in the Western Coastal areas of Yemen", #NMO_ORG implemented a training for staff on Fuel-efficient cooking solution and Food dryers before conducting the awareness sessions in AL-Mukha.

This training, which was held, was attended by 15 trainees from those who represent the isolation, villages and areas of the AL-Mukha district, where the participants were trained on the concepts of communication in order to interact between two or more parties within many factors and influences, and it includes the ability to explain ideas, and present them to the other party clearly and also some effective communication skills that are important for the supervisor and community mobilizer to acquire and on fuel-saving cooking solutions, food dryers and thermos bags in the target area.

This project which is being implemented in the Mukha district in "Taiz" and the districts of Al Khawkhah and Al-Tuhayta in "Al-Hudaydah" will later work to improve adaptation through sustainable and innovative solutions in the field of food security and livelihoods and will seek to address part of the challenges facing the western coastal region located on the Red Sea, which includes communities of traditional fishermen, by providing fuel-efficient cooking solutions (Solar stoves, fuel-saving stoves, heat-retaining bags). It will promote food drying practices with the introduction of enhanced food processing (drying) using solar dryers at the household and community level and will seek to create income-generating employment opportunities.

This comes in coordination with the local authority and in the presence of many of its members represented by the Secretary-General of the local council, as well as the director of the executive unit for IDPs in AL-Mukha and the team of #NMO_ORG represented by the project team. 

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