From Al-Nour Shines The Light

الوقت 2021-10-07
From Al-Nour Shines The Light
Nahda Makers

Al Nour primary school, which is located in Al Kadah sub-district, AlKhokoh district-Al Hudaydah governorate contained four classrooms and these classrooms were closed after 2015. After enormous efforts from teachers and the village chiefs the school was opened again.

During one of the field visits, Nahda Makers Organization team met Al Nour school principal Mr. Abdo Ahmed Salem Qumairi. Mr. Qumairi started and said" Al Nour school was opened in 2018, the numbers of students that time was not more than a hundred students both girls and boys, with time, it reached around 500. Al Nour school contained only four classrooms and due to students' density, the students had to study in the school yards under the sun and on the stairs. Mr. Qumairi added: "It was beyond our ability to open new classes for the students. The students suffered from their inability to get their basic needs like school bags, notebooks, and pens! The reasons behind that are poverty, displacement, conflict, and the expensive living cost. He adds, "we were not able to hire more teachers". He sighed and continued" It was sad and happy at the same time that some of teachers took initiative and volunteered to work regardless of the expensive life conditions.

Then Mr. Qumairi elaborated, " We now use the classes that Nahda Makers Organization build instead of teaching the students outdoors, under the hot rays of sun, and on the stairs. Everybody's dignity was saved by moving their learning places from outdoors to indoors (classrooms). The students are very happy with the kits and the children dropout average is now less than before and this is a good indicator.

Mr. Qumairi ended with " On behalf of my community, I thank Nahda Makers Organization for its important support in education. It motivated students and attracted them to schools, hence we will open elementary grade next year because of this project. Moreover, the project qualified teachers, parent councils and provided bags to students whether they are part of the host community or displaced and included orphans or persons with special needs.

Nahda Makers Organization conducted an "Education Support Project for IDPs" in Al Khokha and At Tuhayta districts, Al Hudaidah governorate with funding Yemen Humanitarian Fund (  #YHF ), which is based on building 24 temporary learning classrooms for eight schools, two in Al-Tahita and six in Al-Khoukha, in addition to the rehabilitation of the targeted schools, ensuring water and environmental sanitation facilities and distributing furniture for the new classes, conducted training for teachers and parents, distributing students' & teachers kits, and providing incentives for volunteer teachers. A field-monitoring visit was conducted in targeted areas in the period from the 05th to the 09th of March 2021.


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