With Happiness We Are Studying Now!

الوقت 2021-09-23
With Happiness We Are Studying Now!
Nahda Makers

People of Al-Hudaydah governorate especially those who live in Al-Tuhayta district have suffered a lot from the unstable and deteriorated lives last few years because of the crisis in the area. Due to that, the education sector has been greatly affected, as a result of those children of Al-Tuhayta have left schools and they decided to go to the sea looking for fishing, however, some of them decided to work as daily workers to cover their family's needs.

During one of the regular field visits, Nahda Makers Organization team met one of the students  who is benefited from the intervention.

Ahmad Obaid Hasan, 12 years old speaks about the situation before the intervention " our school has been destroyed due to the conflict, which made me drop out from school and that’s made me felt disappointed."

Sadly, he continued " unfortunately the nearest
school available to my home is very far from my
place which let my family afraid to make me go to school. Also, my family's financial situation can not allow me to reach that school."

He continued "I am so grateful the school has been built again, however one problem remains, that we don’t have the required tools to study, and due to our family's financial situation we cannot offer any of them, I work as a fisherman to supply my family with basic needs, my mom, unfortunately, got sick (heart attack) so the priority for me is always to provide her with her medication on time."

Then he smiled and said, " #NMO had completed building the school, we were all so happy, moreover NMO provided us with the students' kits, now we can use them in school to study well and our suffering has been end." 

Nahda Makers Organization conducted the project of Emergency Education Support in Al Khokha and At Tuhayta districts, Al Hudaidah governorate which is funded by Education Cannot Wait  #ECW and with a partnership with Norwegian Refugee Council  #NRC  in two phases hard and soft component. #NMO built temporary learning classrooms and rehabilitate and built latrines and distributed furniture for the new classes. Also, distributed students' kits, teachers' kits and recreational kits. Moreover, conducted training for teachers and establishing parents' teacher association, financially support the volunteered teachers, and provide solar power system for each school. It was about 3244 students benefited from the project.


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