I can now return home and direct my children to their studies after the suffering of bringing water daily

الوقت 2021-08-02
I can now return home and direct my children to their studies after the suffering of bringing water daily
Nahda Makers

Our country is one of the most Arab countries facing a stifling water crisis, and it is among the most vulnerable countries in the world in terms of water security. Freshwater resources are diminishing due to the excessive pumping of groundwater. The water demand increases because of the high per capita consumption, overuse, water resource mismanagement, and rapid population growth.

Al-Hajar Hadlan region is one of the affected regions located in the Al-Qabbytah district in Lahj governorate, where the residents suffer from a lack of water sources. On the other hand, the residents also experience the resources scarcity for digging wells and the residents' inability to store the rainfall for drought seasons. 

As a result of the difficulty experienced by the residents of this area, the Nahda Makers Organization intervened, with the fund of #LWR, to find appropriate solutions that preserve human dignity and reduce the people's suffering.

Nahda Makers Organization made a field visit to the Al-Hajar Hadlan area. The team met the beneficiary Shukri Dirham Mohammad, 58 years old and whose job is as an electrical engineer. He is married and supports his five family members.

Shukri talked about his situation before the intervention: "I suffered from a shortage of water due to the remoteness of sources and the difficulty in carrying it to my home regarding the mountain rugged nature region. This was costing me lots of money that were beyond my ability due to my limited income. "

Shukri continues his speech, "One day, the team of the Nahda Makers Organization came to identify the need. They filmed, documented, and informed me of their plan to cover the expenses for building the rain harvesting units and reduce my suffering". Shukri also expressed his happiness of receiving this support.

Therefore, #NMO_ORG has implemented a quick-impact WASH project with funded of #LWR through the construction of 154 Rain Harvesting Units and distributing 154 ceramic water filters in Qubaita-Lahij, thus ensuring that they have direct access to water 


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