I found the hope through the intervention of the Nahda Makers Organization by providing our needs to live life normally

الوقت 2021-07-13
I found the hope through the intervention of the Nahda Makers Organization by providing our needs to live life normally
Nahda Makers

The damages caused by wars vary between sources of income deteriorating, situations becoming worse, and the greatest pain represented by the destruction of income sources, leaving children who hold hunger and are deprived of the least basic necessities of a decent life.

In Al-Rabwah village / Lahj governorate, Thabet's life has been completely transformed after he lost all his agricultural crops as a result of the current conditions that the country is going through. As the agricultural crops were his only source of income, and this led to not cultivating the land for years, which resulted in a deterioration in his financial and psychological conditions, and he needed to do any work in order to find a way to get what meets their living needs.

Thabet said: "Before the world darkened in my face and my family, I found a hope through Nahda Makers organization intervention by providing the needs of our life normally, and this intervention has achieved a qualitative transfer by fulfilling food security that is free of fears and dangers”. 

Thabit expressed his great pleasure, that he will continue working on his own land this year which will improve his financial situation, and he concluded “If we look at the humanitarian support that NMO provided, our words cannot express to say thanks, and if we look at the quick response that made by NMO, the feelings of appreciation never to be expressed, but remains in our heart whenever we see a child's smile”.

Within the project of "Livelihood Improvement Project through Cash and Agricultural Assistance in Radfan “Lahij” and Beihan “Shabwa" and with support of #YHF, #NMO_ORG helped farmers and very vulnerable families who own agricultural land to improve the income level of 1,600 families, which enabled them to meet their needs and improve their livelihoods in areas with high levels of food insecurity.


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