Working as a volunteer gives me many skills

الوقت 2020-01-07
Working as a volunteer gives me many skills
Nahda Makers

Al-Nakeel is one of the small villages in Habil Jabr destrict, Lahj governorate. The residents of this village suffer from a high prevalence of cholera. Its remote geographical location and the lack of health centers there were one of the main reasons for the suffering of the people of this village, which calls for urgent interventions to support the families in this village.

During the field visits of Nahda Makers Organization to these areas, the organization team met Fadhel Abdulmageed Ghaleb, 20 years old. Fadhel lives with his family which consist of six persons. The family's only source of income is the father’s pension. He often goes to work to help his family. Fadhel is one of the community volunteers who participated in the awareness sessions in his area. He expressed that: “The area suffers from the spread of cholera because the lack of awareness of the villagers about how to prevent this disease". He added: “Unfortunately, our area lacks a specialized medical center in cholera, which makes us afraid”. When asked Fadhel about his opinion on the intervention, he replied: "In the past, the number of cholera patients has been increasing. Now Nahda Makers Organization has intervened to educate families about the dangers of cholera and how to prevent it. The organization also distributed cholera tapes which contributed the reduction of this disease". He added:" working as a community volunteer developed my skills such as communication skills also I got benefit information about awareness". He concluded: "I would like to thank Nahda Makers Organization for this intervention, as the incidence of cholera has decreased in the area".

Within the project of Malnutrition and cholera response through WASH intervention, Nahda Makers Organization, with the partnership of ZOA and by funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), distributed cholera kits in Habil Jabr district, Lahj governorate.


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