New Rainwater Tank Solves Water Supply Issue

الوقت 2019-08-01
New Rainwater Tank Solves Water Supply Issue
Nahda Makers

Rainwater harvesting tanks are considered the solution to the water woes of Al Qabbaytah communities. Due to the geographic, demographic nature, its mountainous locations and poverty of shallow wells and groundwater basins, the community of Al Qabbayta district suffered for a long time from water scarcity. Consequently, have of the daily water requirement of the families is met through the few wells that are located far away from their homes. Women and children spent most of their days traveling for several hours in order to fetch water. The roundtrip takes about 4 hours, and it is with risk. In response, NMO quickly conducted evaluation for the needs of the area and offered the solution to the community members by supporting families constructing their rainwater-harvesting tanks to cover their daily needs. The project is implemented by Nahda Makers Organization (NMO), supported by Muslim Aid and funded by United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).
Nahda Makers met with Najeeb Mohamed Moqbal, 52 years old and a resident in the village of Qarad , Al Qabbaytah district who works as an electrician . Najeeb who lives with a family of ten members in a small house is one of the beneficiaries form the Provision of Sustainable Water Solution through Rain Harvesting Water Tanks project.
Najeeb talked about how his family was suffering from a severe lack of water “Suffering from water shortage for many years has forced us to think a lot about sourcing water for daily needs. All that changed after the NMO intervention with the RWH method,” said Najeeb. "All women and children used to travel three times daily to bring 100 liters of water from the other unprotected wells in the other villages which exposed them to various dangers during their long trips to fetch drinking water for us.” Najeeb added.
“In the dry season, when the productivity of the wells is reduced, we are forced to purchase water through water trucks, which cost huge sums and leads to constitute a big burden due to our difficult living conditions.” Najeeb concluded.

NMO has supported the community by providing cash assistant to build rainwater-harvesting tanks. Like other families of the village, Najeeb and his family members started digging and constructing their reservoir near their home to cover their needs of water consumption throughout the year. “Now I can cover my family and livestock needs of water for the next five months, the capacity of the new reservoir will not lead us to be worried anymore and ends the risks and hardships of women and children's travels in search of water. Najeeb mentioned. "In the past, my children used to take long distances to fetch water, which led them being absent from school, but after building the rainwater tank, all my children go to school regularly." Najeeb concluded.
As part of Provision of Sustainable Water Solution through Rain Harvesting Water Tanks in Al Qabbaytah district, Lahj governorate. Nahda Makers Organization (NMO) in partnership with Muslim Aid and funding from the United Methodist (UMCOR) intervened at supporting the most vulnerable host communities through cash assistance, the overall number of households benefited from this project is 235.


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