We work together to make our environment clean

الوقت 2019-05-07
We work together to make our environment clean
Nahda Makers

Most Yemeni coasts suffer from pollution, which led to some environmental issues, and contributed in a lot of damage not only to marine organisms, but also to humans. This required emergency intervention to clean solid waste from coastal areas.
Nahda Makers Organization met with Mr. Abdulgaleel Tambah Abdullah, 38 years old and the community leader of Al-Maleeh, Ras Emran. He said, "The situation was horrible; the fish remnants and the solid waste were along the coast. The sea became dirtier and its color changed". He added "children were prevented from swimming due to the sea condition". He expressed that Nahda Makers Organization was the first which intervened in the area. Where he noted that the sea became clearer. He happily added ''the number of the crabs were in a continuous increase, which can be noted along the coast''. Mr. Abdulgaleel Tambah Abdullah concluded ''I thank the team that conducted the cleaning campaign, especially Nahda Makers Organization.''

During the field visit to Ras Emran village, Al Boriqa district, the organization team met a 42 years resident named Abdullah Ali Hassan, who has been a fisherman there for a long time and he said "Solid waste was all along the coast spreading diseases, but after the intervention the health condition became better". He also thanked the efforts by the Organization: ''we thank Nahda Makers Organization for this great intervention and I hope that it will be repeated as soon as possible''.

Nahda Makers Organization as part of the Enhancement of Livelihoods and Capacity Development of coastal communities’ project in both Aden & Lahj governorates in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council "NRC" and funding from the European Commission (EC) conducted a large-scale cleaning campaigns in Aden governorate, Al Boriqa district.


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