New Career

الوقت 2019-01-24
New Career
Nahda Makers

Due to the difficult situations in Foqum village, in Aden governorate Like lack of food resources and bad poverty. This requires emergency interventions to support the most vulnerable households to get an occupation to help them to improve their life level.

Nahda Makers Organization met with Hadi Hassen Awadh, 19 years old. He is a resident in Foqum and one of the beneficiaries from the Enhancement of Livelihoods and Capacity Development of Coastal Communities project. Hadi lives with his family of 7 members. Hadi is the oldest brother and the one responsible of the family. Hadi said, “I could not finish my education because of my family's difficult circumstances that forced me to work at an early age to help my family”. Hadi added that, “we have a small boat for fishing with my younger brother Rasheed.”
Nahda Makers Organization as part of the Enhancement of Livelihoods and Capacity Development of coastal communities project in both Aden & Lahj governorates in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council "NRC" and funding from the European Commission (EC) trained Youth in making fiber glass ice boxes, maintenance of motor/engines and repair of boats. 50 youth were trained in making fiber glass ice boxes, and 50 in maintenance of motor/engines and repair of boats in Foqum, Al khaisah, Mashoor, Qa'wa, Amran and Ras Amran in Aden governorate. Hadi said that, “I joined this training to get a new occupation to improve my family life”. He added that: “I thank Nahda Makers Organization for this great project and I hope to train another people to help them find jobs to improve their lives”


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