The impact of distributing a solar lamp with the NFIs

الوقت 2018-10-01
The impact of distributing a solar lamp with the NFIs
Nahda Makers

The ongoing conflict in the country continue to weigh heavily on the citizen, resulting in psychological and material suffering for the citizens. One of the most prominent problems is the problem of the IDPs, who are displaced from their areas by war. Displaced people suffer from many problems and lack the basic necessities of life. Nahda Makers Organization met with Safeya Shawkan Ahmed,68, who said, "My husband died and left me alone with my son and daughter," "We have been displaced from Al-Hudaydah governorate and we are currently living in a School," she added, "We do not have the basic daily needs from clothes, blankets and mattresses; moreover, we do not even have a lamp that lights the way for us at night.
As part of the urgent humanitarian response to the ongoing displacement movement from the locations of armed conflict, Nahda Makers Organization, with funding from the UNHCR, distributed non-food items to the IDPs in both ASheikh Othman and Dar Saad districts.
Safia family, one of the thousands of families forced to flee by war, is one of the beneficiaries of the distribution carried out by the Nahda Makers Organization. When asked about her opinion on the material she received, she said: "This aid came at the time when we were in dire need of such materials. Our children were lying on the ground and have nothing to cover them from cold weather; moreover, our movement was restricted at night, but now we have received a solar torch that have had a big impact on our lives. "


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