Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

الوقت 2018-09-07
Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life
Nahda Makers

Most people prefer to follow through on their old beliefs and behaviours even if they are causing them harm. However, changing beliefs and behaviours is the cornerstone of any development project and all of the projects have to be people-centred. This is because the community is the foundation of any change, so if we could empower the community by raising its awareness so that it leads the change, the change will be great and sustainable. One of the obstacles that humanitarian NGOs face in rural areas when they conduct water trucking project is the fact that the community used to use old rusty metal tanks to distribute the water, which is not a healthy mechanism. Therefore, Nahda Makers decided to do something about this. 

Nahda Makers Organization (NMO) as part of the Emergency WASH support to IDPs and the most vulnerable host communities in Tur Al-Baha district, Lahj governorate with funding from the UNICEF intervened to support the community by launching a water trucking project and public hygiene promotion campaign. However, Nahda Makers started the awareness campaign firstly targeting the water trucking drivers by introducing them to the dangers of the rusty metal tanks and how it is better to replace them with plastic ones made from polyethylene. As a result, all the truck drivers responded to the message and changed their tanks, whish is a great achievement. Nahda Makers met with Marwan Noman Shaif, a truck driver from Tur Al-Baha district participating in the water trucking project. Marwan said, “I have always worked in such projects using my rusty metal tank to distribute the water having no idea regarding the negative consequences of using such tanks. However, Nahda Makers team sat with the truck drivers team and explained that it is better to change the old rusty tanks and convinced us that it is better to change the tanks and that will be for the greater good.”

Nahda Makers launched a daily water trucking project in Tur Al-Baha district, Lahj governorate benefiting around 6000 people.



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