The Emergency Distribution to Al-Hudaydah IDPS.

الوقت 2018-07-09
The Emergency Distribution to Al-Hudaydah IDPS.
Nahda Makers



Zakaria Yahya Nasir al-Hadrami lives with his wife and five children in Hays after he was forced by the war to leave his house in Beit Maghazi area and move to Hayes district. Zakaria was displaced two months ago and did not receive any aid from any party.

Zakaria was one of the beneficiaries of The Emergency Distribution to Al-Hudaydah IDPS Project carried out by #Nahda_Makers_Organization and coordinated by #UNOCHA, where   #UNICEF provided hygiene kits, #WFP provided Ready-to-use food packs, and #UNFPA provided Dignity Kits. The aid was stored and distributed from #Vision_Hope_INGO warehouses.

Zakaria Yahya expressed his pleasure in receiving the material in simple words, yet those words melted our hearts in compassion because #Nahda_Makers team was able to draw a smile on his face.

The distribution targeted 500 displaced families in Hays and Khokha, where five Organizations coordinated and cooperated to deliver aid rapidly to IDPs during the Eid Holiday.


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