#NMO_ORG distributes agricultural supplies to farmers benefiting from greenhouses

الوقت 2023-09-24
#NMO_ORG distributes agricultural supplies to farmers benefiting from greenhouses
Nahda Makers

Within (Support and develop agricultural activities project) that implemented in Lahj and Abyan, and with funding from the #Arab_Fund_for_Economic_and_Social_Development , #NMO_ORG distributed agricultural supplies to farmers benefiting from greenhouses.

This distribution, which implemented in Lahj (Tuban District) and Abyan Governorate (Khanfar District), targeted 13 farmers benefiting from greenhouses, where seeds, fertilizers and pesticides were distributed in order to help them in the process of increasing and improving agricultural productivity.

This project has previously worked on supplying and installing 13 greenhouses, supplying and installing 60 irrigation networks, in addition to training farmers on the use of modern agricultural techniques.

This distribution aims to provide the necessary support to achieve improved agricultural results, increase agricultural productivity, and enhance food security in those areas.

It is noteworthy that this project is one of the organization's sustainable projects in the food security and livelihoods sector.


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