Distributed Non-Food Items Project

الوقت 2019-01-10
Distributed Non-Food Items Project
Nahda Makers

 IDPs still stuck inside, they displaced
from place to another looking for the peace and
escaping of the war. Most of them are suffering
difficult situations in the absence of stability and
they cannot find a safety place .

The suffering of displacement people does not
stop on losing their own houses and looking for
a safety place, but also they are suffering from a
huge lack of food and they cannot provide the
minimum requirements. The old woman Aisha
Abdo Hussein Ahmed, who is 51 years old, describing the life of displaced people
who lost everything because of war. Her house, which she used to live with her sons and
daughters, was destroyed. After that, she was forced to sell
everything to provide the transportation cost to a safety place.
In a part of the urgent humanitarian response to the ongoing displacement movement due
of the armed conflicts, Nahda Makers Organization implemented a project of distribution
of NFIs funded by the office of the High Commissioner for Refugees "UNHCR" in Faqum
Aisha’s family is considered as one of thousands families who forced to displace because
of the war. And when she was asked about her opinion in the NFIs she received she said;
"These NFIs came at the time when we were need it urgently specially the solar lamp which
have a big impact on our lives, where our movement was restricted at night".

In addition, Nahda Makers Organization distributed NFIs to 50 families of displacement
families from Al-Hodeidah in Aden governorate.


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