Project Assistant (1)

الوقت تم إنتهاء هذا الإعلان.
Project Assistant (1)
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Job Title: Project Assistant (1)

Reporting to: Project Officer

Sector: FSL

Location: (1 Wadi Hadramout)

Project Duration: 5 months

Deadline : 12 May 2022

About NMO:

NMO is a registered national NGO with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor No. 284. Our mission is to take the lead to empower communities in Yemen through humanitarian response and sustainable development programs in a professional way through effective partnerships. NMO started its activity in Yemen since 2012 and has been implementing projects in 5 sectors namely FSL, Education, child protection, WASH, Health, Shelter, and Governance and Capacity-building.

Project Background:

The project will focus on the dual purpose and interdependence of sorghum as an animal feed crop (forage) and as a human food crop to increase production, harvest, farmers' returns, and best harvesting and storage practices. Respectively, (LWR) will assess the security of the sorghum seed system as Hadramawt farmers have trouble accessing seed to determine the farmers' access to and ability to purchase sorghum seed, if they do not use seed kept at home.

The project will focus on distributing vouchers to beneficiaries, which will enable farmers to purchase vaccines and feed for animals. The project will provide training to farmers on best practices for storing their current crops and forage stocks to prevent deterioration The Ministry of Agriculture will be a key partner in this project as the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for administering vaccinations to the livestock. This project will work with the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the Ministry of Agriculture to expand outreach and provide vaccines to agricultural traders in the Hadramawt vicinity to shorten the distance farmers must travel to obtain vaccines and other livestock supplies. The project will educate farmers on best feeding practices for small ruminants, as well as good agricultural practices for sorghum production.

Purpose of the job:  

Project assistant providing agricultural livelihood services in the maize and livestock sector through the use of local market-based approaches in Hadhramaut(LWR) governorate is responsible for planning, developing, monitoring and evaluating the tasks assigned to the activities of the project and will be familiar with the responsibilities which are the exercises  carried out in the field according to the time period for each training and prior coordination before implementation of project activities, documentation , archiving and sent to the manager. As well as to supervise the distributions to the target groups of the project and periodic follow-up throughout the project implementation period and to ensure that the project is on the right track, achieving the planned goals, indicators and implementing all related activities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

NMO is looking for an efficient and qualified person on working of project for services in livelihoods and Agricultural of Maize sector and Cattle Through using Approach Based on Market in Hadramout (Yemen) to carry out the following Tasks and Responsibilities:



1.Project Planning and Coordination:

  1. Project Management:


  1. MEAL Activity:
  1. Security:
  1. Transparency:


  1. Reporting:

Qualifications, Skills, and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, management, social science, or another related field. 



2 years’ experience working in the similar position/job

1 years' experience in a humanitarian sector

Experience working and coordination with governments, UN bodies, INGOs and local NGOs

Skills and Qualities:


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