Governance and Capacity Building Program Manager

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Governance and Capacity Building Program Manager
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Job Title: Governance and Capacity Building Program Manager

Reporting to: Programs and Projects Manager

Sector: Governance and Capacity Building Program 

Location: Based in Aden with 30% travel to the field.

Contract Duration:  Annual Contract with probationary period.

Deadline : 7 May 2022


NMO is a registered national NGO with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor No. 284. Our mission is to take the lead to empower communities in Yemen through humanitarian response and sustainable development programs in a professional way through effective partnerships. NMO started its activity in Yemen since 2012, and has been implementing projects in 5 sectors namely FSL, Education and Child Protection, WASH/Health, Shelter, and Governance and capacity-building.

NMO is looking for an efficient and qualified person to fill the post of (Governance and Capacity Building Program Manager) to carry out the following tasks:



 The Governance and Capacity Building Program Manager will be based in Aden overseeing the Governance and Capacity Building Program, She/He will be expected to lead on program planning, oversight of project implementation, recruitment, and procurement. She/He will contribute to project design and strategy as well as leading on the implementation of the governance and capacity building program.




  1. Prepare the annual governance and capacity-building program plan in line with the organization's strategy and submit it to the programs and projects manager.
  2. Review plans for governance and capacity-building projects (procurement- cash - project plans and indicator tracking matrix).
  3. Supervising the implementation of action plans and completing project-related activities as proposed.
  4. Participate in the preparation of final reports of projects and plan to deliver them on time and good quality to donors.
  5. Organize regular meetings and provide continuous updates on the progress of implementation with the organization's management and donors.
  6. Planning for the implementation of the project to enhance institutional and economic flexibility in Yemen by setting priorities and organizing activities and resources to achieve the objectives of the project.
  7. Participate in planning, develop governance intervention strategies, build capacity, and prepare special proposals in this area for funding opportunities.


  1. Communication, coordination and attendance at private meetings with donors and stakeholders.
  2. Ensure good coordination with donors, beneficiaries, local authorities, and local partners to manage the success of project implementation.
  3. Coordination and communication with relevant local authorities at the central level and communities within the framework of projects, ensuring their meaningful participation.
  4. Support and facilitate outreach activities to consult activities and involve key beneficiaries, actors and stakeholders at all stages of the project, in particular the project to promote institutional and economic flexibility in Yemen.
  5. Work to develop and review the strategy of the project to promote institutional and economic flexibility in Yemen in coordination with local authorities at the provincial, directorate and target communities level.


  1. Supervising financial and administrative processes and procedures in the implementation and control of projects.
  2. Managing and implementing governance and capacity-building projects to ensure that project guidelines are observed in accordance with agreements signed with donors.
  3. Managing budgets for governance, capacity-building projects and supervising the procurement process in accordance with the organization's procurement regulations.
  4. Responsible for implementing governance projects and capacity building according to the required quality expected by donors.
  5. Managing the implementation of projects in accordance with the quality models and procedures of the organization and archived according to the archive system.
  6. Manage recruitment and training plans for employees in governance, capacity-building and conduct performance evaluation for the project staff periodically.
  7. Supervising the teams responsible for carrying out activities in accordance with agreed plans and reporting required.
  8. Team management and regular meetings to follow up on the progress of project implementation.
  9. Ensure that the expected results are achieved in the implementation of activities and document projects effectively in financial and administrative terms.

10.Supervising project managers and officers in managing and filtering team leaves.

  1. Supervising the processing of all documents for the implementation of projects in accordance with the procedures and models adopted by the organization.
  2. Support project managers and officers in carrying out activities in accordance with the organization's procedures and donor requirements.
  3. Supervising the designs for governance projects, capacity-building and printing process.
  4. Conduct regular field visits to projects and inspect the workflow.

Follow-up and evaluation:

  1. Supervising project monitoring and evaluation activities and ensuring that project indicators and results are achieved at all stages of implementation.
  2. Ensure that projects are implemented in accordance with plans, objective, and budget, using effective monitoring and evaluation systems to reach the desired goals.
  3. Supervising the formation of community committees in the targeted areas and documenting their selection process in accordance with the applicable means of verification.
  4. Supervising the selection of beneficiaries in accordance with the criteria of each proposal.
  5. Review the reports of the project follow-up and evaluation team before sharing them with donors.



  1. Contribute in writing project proposals and donor reports in high quality.
  2. Supervising the preparation of monthly and final reports of projects and their timely participation with donors.
  3. Prepare and draft all kinds of reports on the project to enhance institutional and economic flexibility in Yemen.
  4. Ensure that all project documents (paper, electronically) are archived periodically.




Security and safety:

  1. To make sure that every member of the project team is familiar with security issues, policies and standard operating procedures, and that they follow them accordingly.
  2. Cooperate with the security officer, monitor the local security situation, and inform the security officer of any incidents through regular written reports.
  3. Contribute to the modernization of security guidelines in intervention areas.


  1. Ensure that staff are aware of and respect the code of conduct.


  1. Actively represent the organization in relevant meetings, events and training.
  2. Coordination with other units of the organization and meetings to facilitate the implementation of projects.
  3. Investing opportunities and sources of self-learning and developing the network of professional relationships to increase specialized competence
  4. Encourage the team to present new and innovative ideas and appreciate this.
  5. Support the team in preparing, adopting, and following their progress towards achieving their annual goals.
  6. Assessing the performance of direct subordinates, developing annual career development plans and self-learning and participatory learning to raise their performance and skills.
  7. Demonstrate a spirit of cooperation and understanding of the needs and problems of other units related to its field of work, work to accommodate them and contribute actively to the provision of solutions to them.
  8. Follow occupational safety and health instructions while performing tasks.
  9. Raise proposals and perceptions that will raise the level of performance in the organization and inform the relevant persons of any matters that may affect the integrity, impartiality and reputation of the organization.
  10. Compliance with the organization's systems, procedures, principles and institutional values.
  11. Perform other duties related to the field of employment and at the request of the line manager.







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Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Note :

-Qualified and Interested individuals are required to apply for this position.

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