Food Security and Livelihood

Food security is the measure of the availability of food and individuals ability to access it. NMO driven by its program objective which is to enhance food security and improve sustainable livelihoods have implemented humanitarian interventions in coordination with the cluster of food security and livelihood to cover areas with the most vulnerable people. During 2012 - 2022, and with different donors AND several projects were implemented to achieve the set goal of NMO.

The intervention areas

Aden – Lahj -Abyan - Ad Dali'

Number of projects


Total beneficiaries


The Activates

  • Electric installations and Masonry & Building training
  • Beautification (Makeup, Hairdressing, Henna, etc) training
  • Sewing, Tailoring, and Dress Making training
  • Mobile Phones Maintenance and websites development training
  • Training on small projects
  • Support the two best projects submitted by the youth
  • Distribution of food vouchers
  • Distribution of livestock inputs and agricultural
  • Distribution of Al Adhahi meat
  • Train Youth in maintenance and repair of motor engines and boats
  • Train youths in making fiberglass ice boxes and tables for use at the fish markets.
  • Cash transfer

Projects Names