WASH / Health

To improve the level of access to safe and adequate water and proper sanitation, and to reduce illness and death, NMO has engaged various partners. With an experience of more than 10 years in the WASH and Health in different governorates Aden, Lahj, Al Dala’a, Abyan, Taiz, Al Hodeida, and Hadramout, where NMO team has implemented many projects since 2012 which have received high satisfaction rates from both the donors and beneficiaries.

The intervention areas

Aden – Lahj – Abyan – AL-Dale'a

Number of projects


Total beneficiaries


The Activates

  • Rehabilitation of water source
  • Distribution of WCFs
  • Conduct CLTS approach
  • Distribution of basic hygiene kits
  • Conducting Hygiene promotion activities through CHVs in the targeted areas
  • WASH Rehabilitation to Health facilities
  • rain water harvesting units constructed
  • Cleaning campaigns
  • A weekly radio program for students to educate students on health aspects

Projects Names