#NMO_ORG implements a training on community-based protection networks

الوقت 2022-07-18
#NMO_ORG implements a training on community-based protection networks
Nahda Makers

Within the education and child protection sector and within the activities of “Supporting Protection & Access of Children to Education (SPACE) project in Aden”, #Nahda_Makers organization implemented community-based protection networks training, with the support of #War_Child Canada and in partnership with the Training and Rehabilitation Department of the Education Office in Aden Governorate.

This project, which is currently being implemented, mainly targets Al-Hamdani School in Tawahi #Aden, where this training was carried out for 20 trainees from the members of the community-based protection networks surrounding Al-Hamdani School.

This training that was trained by "Mr: Miad Juman" discussed several topics and themes, including:
• Convention on the Rights of the Child.
• The concept of child protection.
• Defining a child protection policy.
• Child protection in case of emergency.
• Protection environment framework.

All of this aims to deliver the project's message on child protection and the importance of education to all segments of society and encourage members to involve the rest of the community in meetings and discussions on child rights and protection measures.
In the presence of the Head of the Training and Rehabilitation Division in the Education Office in Aden, "Ms. Maysa Ashish" spoke about the importance of education, which is the only savior for children's return to school and the fight against extraneous phenomena that prevent children from going to study and the spread of child labor in a frightening manner.

In her speech, she pointed to the importance of intensifying efforts from school administrations, parents and parents' councils, and the importance of holding such training courses to protect children from violence, abuse and exploitation and activating all laws and agreements that protect the rights of the child, and she praised the great role played by the Nahda Makers Organization in this regard.


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