Football dream is achieved

الوقت 2018-07-03
Football dream is achieved
Nahda Makers

Ahmed, 14 years old, he lives in Al-Rukbah village in Al-Mashreqah Area inLawder district Abyan Governorate was dreaming every day to be a footballplayer, but his dream bumped into many obstacles, the most important of which isthe lack of sports club or sports activities and the second problem is the lack offootball playground. Ahmed lives with his five-member family in the village, awayfrom all sports services. Ahmed goes to school every day and in his mind hisdream of becoming a professional footballer Ahmed said that the Integrated Water,Sanitation and Hygiene Response Project for IDPs, Returnees and HostCommunities in High Malnutrition Areas in Lahj and Abyan - implemented by theNahda organization(NMO),and funded by UNOCHA - supported the communityand revived the sport activity by forming five sports teams from five villages inLawder in which the spirit and activity that he had lost to become a player hasbeen achieved and after the arrival of the NMO team they form a football team forthe village and the delivered all sports supplies such as sportswear, cup and ballsto establish a club for the village. The total number of players in the five villageswas 198 players. At the end of the league, a gold Medal was handed out to thewinning team and a silver Medal was awarded to the team which was not lucky.Ahmed became captain and he became very close to achieve his dream towardsprofessionalism in football.


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