Due to the difficult situations in Foqum village, in Aden governorate Like lack of food resources and bad poverty. This requires emergency interventions to support the most vulnerable households to get an occupation to help them to improve their life level. Nahda Makers Organization met with Hadi Hassen Awadh, 19...

IDPs still stuck inside, they displacedfrom place to another looking for the peace andescaping of the war. Most of them are sufferingdifficult situations in the absence of stability andthey cannot find a safety place .

The impact of distributing a solar lamp with the NFIs The ongoing conflict in the country continue to weigh heavily on the citizen, resulting in psychological and material suffering for the citizens.

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life Most people prefer to follow through on their old beliefs and behaviours even if they are causing them harm. However, changing beliefs and behaviours is the cornerstone of any development project and all of the projects have to be people-centred.

Access to water is one of the biggest challenges facing the community in the District of Al-Maqatera. The region is characterized by its rugged mountainous terrain, which makes fetching water a challenging task in which people walk long distances back and forth carrying heavy plastic jerrycans.

Zakaria Yahya Nasir al-Hadrami lives with his wife and five children in Hays after he was forced by the war to leave his house in Beit Maghazi area and move to Hayes district.

Moataz Awadh Mohammed Taleb is a college student in the fourth level, in the department of journalism, specializes in radio and television.

Rehabilitation of health facilities improves the health of our village`s citizen Maqatera is one of Districts in Lahj. That was targeted by The Integrated Wash response project

Yusefien area in Al-Qabaytah, in Dhamaran village, have been suffering from shortage of water during drought season. Where the families of this village

Al-Mushraa village is located in Lawder District in Abyan Governorate, This village suffers from a lack of a Sanitation network and no specificb site for throwing garbage.