Volunteers Wanted " photography and videography "

الوقت تم إنتهاء هذا الإعلان.
Volunteers  Wanted " photography and videography "
Nahda Makers

Volunteer field: photography and videography

The place of volunteering: Aden and other governorates

The purpose:

Documenting the activities of the organization and extracting the photos with the appropriate technical specifications to send the idea of ​​the presented content. As he/she takes photos and filter them to achieve the required goals, as well as archiving all the photos and videos in the organization, so that they can find them easily at any time.


Volunteering terms:

1- Having a professional camera for photography (photo-video).

2- Experience not less than 6 months in the field of photography (photos - video).

3- Ability to travel to different governorates (for youth only).

4- Ability to work in difficult terrain conditions (for youth only).

Roles and responsibilities:

1- Documenting the projects and activities of NMO (photos - video) according to the media policies followed by the organization and the donors.

2- Filtering photos by using the latest programs.

3- Saving all the photos and videos as a private property of NMO, so that it is delivered as custody of the organization and evacuated

 4- Photographing success stories (photos and videos) and taking the beneficiaries' information

 5- Arrange scenes, lighting, and backgrounds to achieve the objective of the photoshoots.

6- Skill in dealing with the beneficiaries and solving problems in the right way.

Skills and abilities:

1- Aware of the basics of professional photography.

2- The ability to use computer programs (MICROSOFT SOFTWARE).